Project: Leader/Ender Quilt Design Ideas

The last post was about what I hope not to do; now I am working on to-dos! I am one of those people who love The New Year and the notion of a fresh start. I did enjoy the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Peter and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle, tackled some word games, took long walks in the crisp cold air and ate too much. But, every year, come January 2, I am so anxious to get back to my work. Doing things with my hands is visceral for me – I crave it. But whoa – we are selling the house, so I have to really consider what to projects should be on the list!

The last time we moved, I really “thinned” the studio area and packed up lots of boxes of fabric which we put into a storage area. And then the house was on the market for months and months and suddenly I needed some of those fabrics for more projects to keep crazy me busy. Did I dare ask Peter to help me root around the storage room going through taped and cataloged boxes???? Oh, nooooooooo. So I had to buy some more fabric. This time I am trying to be a bit smarter about this process.

I have some ideas for projects to keep me busy, and here’s a quilt that’s underway. On Thursday, I spent the night looking at my Pinterest quilting ideas page and going through my quilting ideas folder and playing on EQ7. By bedtime, I had chosen a pattern that I have been dying to piece. The next morning, eating a biscuit at Mc Donalds, I decided that I was crazy to pick something at all complicated and re-thought the choices. Simple. That is the idea.

So – I have decided to sew many, many half square triangles and then choose a pattern. My beginning sampler quilt class with Karen Buckley began with half square triangles and I remember making a lot of different squares because it was fun to play with the design possibilities. Of course I do need a color plan……

I love my black/multicolored section. The problem with blacks is that they fade very quickly with washing and exposure to the sun. This will be a bed quilt for somewhere and so black doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Black & colors

For the light side, shall I use beiges and off whites? White with multi-colors? Whites with blacks?

Black & white, white & colors

Pale batiks with brighter ones? I am always drawn to the two batik shelves (which need to be expanded because a lot is on the floor!)

Bright batiks

The blue and green print shelves appeal as well.

Greens & blues

After consideration, reds, dark blues and dark greens are out and pales, and bright colors are in. Yet to be determined is whether I will add prints on the “dark” side.

Leader/ender quilts are hard to explain to a non quilter. Here is a link to Bonnie Hunter’s website;  she has written a whole book about the topic. Frankly, I don’t think this saves time, but sewing the paper pieced livingroom quilt is really boring now, so this new quilt is a carrot for me. I did sew and press and trim just a few squares to preview them.  ;-D

Half square triangles

I don’t feel like doing teeny, tiny triangles, so I will be mass producing 2.5″ squares (2″ finished). 2″ will show off fabrics in a nice way, and I feel like scrap quilts are “scrapbooks” of one’s fabric collection.

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