Variations on a Pattern

I sew facing the design wall where the livingroom quilt pieces are pinned and I started seeing pattern variations the other day. Diagonal stripes appeared! I have a bunch of completed squares, so I laid them out and here are some ideas for another quilt….

This design would be amazing but it would require the most piecing. Perhaps for more interest, each stripe could vary? Hand dyed gradations could be used???

Diagonal stripes

This one with the squares between looks good. Would I use a contrasting fabric as I laid it out or have the same background as the pieced square?

Square spaces

Rectangles between the squares is interesting, and not a shape common to quilts. I should audition this one again with the same background so I can see what it looks like.

Rectangular spaces

I do have some of the discarded squares from the color trials that I could start with… I really like this idea!

"Discarded" squares

I have a good friend who subscribes to my blog and is kind enough to say she enjoys reading it! Periodically she asks me why I enjoy blogging so much. This post is a good example of one reason – blogging is a way of saving an idea. This design is great but I cannot start something so involved at this point in time. Now it’s headed off in the blogosphere (and The Cloud) where it will be saved for when I need a new idea. Some of  you might comment and give me more ideas. And just one more thing – I really hope that it might inspire someone.

6 thoughts on “Variations on a Pattern

  1. So many design choices. You are right, it’s all part of the joy of quilting. I like the first stripes best but might put half-square triangles of same background in the “steps”.


  2. It has! It reminds me of one of my big plans to learn to make a new York beauty quilt. Also it reminds me of how much I love flying geese. They are just so hard to beat! I likethetop one best. -Suzy


    • You should do some variation of a NYBeauty! It’s a great pattern, though I am growing tired of piecing the same color families. With paper pieced foundations, it’s not hard to be accurate. I like pointy shapes and obviously you do too. ;-D


  3. I love the colors that you’re working with! And you’re right, having a reminder of ideas is helpful and getting creative ideas from others makes blogging so worth it. Enjoy yourself 🙂


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