House Project of the Week: A Fresh Coat of Paint

Two weeks ago the house project was corralling Christmas! Peter and I got out everything having to do with our favorite holiday and I went through it all. We undecorated the tree and collected Santa’s and snowmen from all over the house and I re-packed them for the move. Some Christmas containers will be good to move as is, but some things will need to be packed by the movers. This Santa for instance. He’s about 4′ tall and I wouldn’t know how to pack him safely.

Big Santa

I used tissue paper and moving paper and bubble wrap and Gizmo was delighted by the nesting choices! He is such a helpful boy.

Gizmo assisting

Last week, while doing all that dyeing, I painted a bench I got for the hall to put on shoes and store small winter clothing underneath. I used Benjamin Moore’s symphony blue and I am really liking it! With several coats on, it’s a dark blue; quite intense and yummy. (The flash makes it brighter than it really is.) It looks so nice; why did I wait so long to paint it???

Blue bench

This week’s project was considerably bigger… I have been painting what we call the girl’s guest bedroom. It’s the one you’ve seen with the grandmother’s flower garden quilt on the iron bed. You can see the paint samples I tried over the years…pretty, but not what I’d call saleable or neutral colors.


It’s a sweet little room which you see it as you come up the stairs. I decided to paint it the same color as the boy’s room next door. It’s quite a girly room but I like the ice blue color. Probably most people wouldn’t even notice that the walls are blue, it’s such a light value. I love to paint and after I am done, it’s such a treat to put everything back up. In the interest of saving effort, I will wait. We are going to have all the ceilings painted upstairs and it would all have to come down again anyway. At this point I have realized that the house isn’t going to look “normal” again until it’s ready to sell…


I had the painter come last week to chat about what needs to be done around the house. The most important project for him is painting the front porch ceiling, railings and the door. I waited too long to call him last Fall and he was booked up. {darn} We cannot list the house with paint peeling off of the porch ceiling and rusted railings, so we will have to wait for a warm spell. During a normal Chicagoland winter, he said he doesn’t paint outdoors until Memorial Day….. OMG! Though I love snow and cold weather, now I am hoping for another  warm winter…..

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