WIP Wednesday 1/30

Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress with my WIP’s. When Peter is on the road, which he has been for most of the month, I seem to have an extra hour or two in the late afternoon. In these hours I get restless and want to snack or get into some other trouble, so I make myself sit down and sew. I have been diligently working on the livingroom rug quilt (and the leader/ender half square triangles project). I am happy to say that I have made progress!

Livingroom quilt in progress

Here is Toby Lischko’s quilt so you can see her design; I am not duplicating her quilt. Can you see the corner detail? She changed colors in the squares and also hand appliquéd some geese flying in the border. She was making a show quilt and I am making one to cuddle under, so I have decided to keep mine simple. I need to get this particular piecing project done and soon – it is very messy. I am not going to show you pictures of it, but I have a very large pile of fabrics that I cut pieces of for the red flying geese and the green Lady Liberty’s. When I paper piece, it always looks like a hurricane has been whirling around my sewing machine!

Geese on the Loose

I continue to practise quilting with my Bernina stitch regulator. I have filled 12″ squares with designs and am trying to relax and move smoothly. It’s interesting; the BSR does regulate the stitch but I can still make long jump stitches and unpleasant looking designs. It certainly doesn’t “do” the work for me!

Quilting practise

At night, when I am watching a show that doesn’t need my full attention, I am hooking on the Vermont Shells rug. I have made some good progress since I finished dyeing the new wools.

Vermont shells progress

Here’s a cautionary tale for my fellow bloggers. I printed a book of my 2012 posts with blog2print. It’s really fun to have a book with everything you’ve written for a year. As I was looking through it with Peter, I noticed a problem. On the last 10 pages of the book, all the photos had been replaced with my blog header. I had a bad feeling but I did call customer service. Of course I was supposed to look through all 200 pages online and then approve the book and pay for it. I did not. It is my fault, but I do think there might be something they could do. I’m certainly not going to pay to have it reprinted. Next year I will be more diligent…

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 1/30

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  2. The LR rug quilt is looking great. Sorry about your blog2print story. I got mine printed this year but it was much shorter than yours. Maybe next year you can start with the first post that got printed wrong–the additional 10 pages won’t add that much cost to the book and you will have the correct record of your work.


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