Color Block Woven Runners

I know it seems crazy for me to be starting a lot of projects, but there’s a method to my madness. The looms are always a bit of a problem when the house is on the market. They do collapse a bit, but they are large and are not something that we will take to the storage place. The best idea is to warp them and have something pretty to look at – they are great pieces of furniture. An then they are warped, I can pack up a lot of the weaving supplies.

This is a rag runner that I made several years ago. Sitting on it is our Dansk wedding china. Even after all these years, I still love it and am so happy to get it out every winter. I like this runner and thought I would make more runners or some placemats. I like to use runners around the house in the Fall and Winter .

Dansk china

Here are the colors I used for the last warp, in the order that I used them. They were nice, but nothing exciting. I have a box of cotton rug warp and I dug through it to see what I might have with more contrast.

Previous warp

And these are the choices. I dreamed up some interesting weaving/color plans and then on the day I started to wind the warp I thought “keep it simple”. {This should be my mantra for the forseeable future!} And honestly, there really is not much sense in threading a complicated pattern and then weaving a variety of busy fabrics through it. The pattern won’t end up showing much.

All the choices

This is called a warping reel with part of the warp on it. It’s a great tool but takes up a lot of space.

Warping reel

Here is the warp ready to put on the loom. I decided to use almost all of the possibilities in a color block sort of design. I can weave randomly, or in stripes or I can try for checks.

Color block runner warp

Ta da – – -Now that I am finished making warps, the warping reel comes apart for easy storage, moving and transport.

Collapsed warping reel

This little Schacht Spindle loom is for sale, so a rag runner warp will be a good thing for prospective buyer to test drive the loom. I’m weaving away on the runners so I won’t mind cutting the warp off at a moment’s notice.

Schacht Spindle loom warped

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