The Machine Quilting Project List

Like many quilters, I have a stack of tops to quilt. I  stacked them up for some years until Peter gave me the amazing Bernina with the BSR. I pulled them all out yesterday and debated which ones I should quilt. Machine quilting is a “tidy” project for sure, so hopefully I will get a lot done this Spring when the house is listed.

First up is the star quilt top that I designed in Gail Garber’s class. I will do a lot of straight line outlining of the stars and geese and then I can try something fun in the background. It’s on the small size so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me.

Completed top

Then I think I will be ready for the sunflower from Melinda Bula’s class. And that will warm me up for…

My sunflower

… the zinnia. As I said in another post, fused quilt tops seem fragile to me. I am afraid if this gets folded wrong before it’s quilted, that pieces will crease or fall off. (There are lots and lots of teeny, tiny pieces) I spent too long getting them cut and placed and fused to let something happen to this top!

My zinnia!

And here is my red and white house quilt, completed some years ago. It’s probably the easiest of these tops to quilt, but it is much larger and therefore more difficult to manoeuvre in the machine.

Red & white houses

That is a big list and we’ll see how it goes. It really would be wonderful to get these quilts done and then find a new home to hang them in….  ;-D

8 thoughts on “The Machine Quilting Project List

  1. I look forward to seeing them finished. Hope it’s not too much work, it’s hard when it’s the last stretch of the process, even though it takes pretty much the same amount of time as the piecing! – Suzy


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