The Livingroom Rug Quilt is Completed!

Dreaming of India top

Hooray! I have declared that this quilt top is  finished. I was debating making it bigger, but the borders are wide and this quilt just needs to be done. As you can see, I added a corner detail to the border. I dug out the discarded color samples of flying geese and New York Beauty and added some of the vine-y fabric that is in the centers of the quilt squares. In looking at Toby’s quilt, there is a detail that I have been debating – the bias binding. She hand sewed it along the edge of all the flying geese.  I am thinking that I may just do it around the center medallion. It’s beautiful, but again, she was making a show quilt.

While I was sewing the blocks together I flipped them the wrong way and discovered  another interesting variation of this pattern. Wouldn’t three of the medallions be pretty down the center of a bed? I laid it on our queen and twin sized mattresses, but I think it would be a perfect fit for a double bed. Playing with the setting of quilt squares is really fun!

Medallion variation

Here is the livingroom quilt with the livingroom rug and a chair that it might sit on. (The quilt is brighter in this picture; the background is close to the golds in the rug.) I’m pleased. I think I’ll call it Dreaming of India.

Livingroom rug/quilt

If you know and love cats, then you get this picture. When I am doing just about anything, the kitties are nearby. Gizmo thoroughly sniffed the quilt top as though he’d never done so before and then burrowed underneath it for a nap. I guess the Inspector has approved it.

The inspector

And here is something for quilters only! I found this on someone’s Pinterest page and sent it to all my quilting buddies. Here’s the link for you.

1344347302406_1717161 Of course, now this quilt top moves to the machine quilting to do list…….

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