The Color Block Runners are Completed

And my Schacht Spindle loom is gone….

I can’t quite remember when I bought this loom but I bet I’ve had it for 30 years. It’s a great loom but really, I don’t need two. I always thought that I should keep the Schacht Spindle loom, because it’s smaller, but Peter always thought that I should keep the big Macomber, which you can see in the back. He’s right; the Macomber was my dream loom – it has 12 harnesses and is so heavy that I can weave anything on it. When we settle in our next house I’d like to get back to weaving complex weaves. But back to selling the Schacht Spindle; I couldn’t be happier. I listed it on a local weaver’s guild’s site and got two e-mails within a week. The first one turned out to be a young lady about to graduate from The Art Institute School and she adores weaving! She brought a friend with her whose  love is beading and stitchery and has been accepted into the graduate school there. To say that I was talking to two “of my own kind” was putting it mildly! The young lady was so excited that she said she wasn’t able to sleep the night before. Wow. Perhaps it didn’t matter who bought my loom, but I’m still smiling about the delight on her face. I remember being her….

Farewell loom!

You may remember that I put  on a long warp on for color block rag runners and luckily had been weaving a bit each day, so the warp was almost done. Before I cut them apart and washed them, I spread the runners on the studio floor to admire.

A lot of runners

I wove two runners in a check pattern, working on the color block idea. It seems like it would be quite easy to do, but it’s not. When you weave, the warp is wound very tightly on the loom, so the warp is stretched out. Then the rags take up some space. To guesstimate whether you’ve actually woven a square, you need to loosen the warp and measure and make sure that the check is actually more of a rectangle. When the runner is washed, it shrinks a bit as well. I did fairly well on this runner.

Color block runner

It’s always fun to just weave randomly without all the measuring need for checks. All in all, I’m happy with the runners. I’m not sure if they will be on display when the house is listed, but they will definitely get lots of use next Fall, wherever we may be.

Random rag runner

6 thoughts on “The Color Block Runners are Completed

  1. Your blog on selling your loom brought back smiles and memories. About 20 years ago I decided to sell my 8 harness Schacht loom. It was not an easy decision but we needed the room; and at that time, I was not weaving as much as I had previously. Nevertheless, it was like selling a favorite pet. I sold the loom to a friend who raises alpacas and uses the alpaca yarn to weave coverlets and scarfs. Sandy’s products are beautiful. Occasionally I stop by just to look at the loom and to pet it. I have found that new doors have opened in crafting and like you I may weave again some day.


    • Thanks for sharing that! I felt a bit silly being so happy/sad about selling the loom and I’m glad to know that you understand. Looms were/are so expensive and we had little money to spare. And I still have a very large Macomber loom, so I will definitely be weaving again.


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