Studio Straightening

My big house project for the last several weeks has been straightening the studio. We have a large basement. Part of it is a basement, where we store things and Peter has his ham radio station set up. It has cement floors. The other part is carpeted and in a normal family, it would be a family room. The carpeted area has what they call “English windows” in Chicagoland. They are quite large and the only reason why I have a work area in the basement! My goal is to squeeze my studio in one part of the room and make the rest look like a happy family lives here – or could! ;-D I have endlessly folded fabric. Some things have been packed in boxes and other things are “artfully” arranged. This set of shelves will be open.

Tidy open shelves

And this set of shelves with doors is a display area as well. I am so pleased. Doesn’t this look great?

Tidy behind doors

While I was folding and arranging and tossing fabric, I cut pieces for the half square triangle leader/ender project. It really will be a sampler of my fabric stash. I am not one of those quilters who wastes time by counting squares, but I have cut a lot of fabric triangles.

Cutting fabric triangles

We’ve been having a visitor in the backyard recently. Jasmine alerts us of his presence – whenever he is there she races from window to window looking concerned with tail fuzzed.


And here’s another nightly visitor! Jasmine really gets agitated when he is sitting on the ledge of the slider door. He eats all the bird seed that the birds and squirrels miss. She paws at the window and chitters.

The possum

2 thoughts on “Studio Straightening

    • I am fascinated by the possum, though I don’t like him. He has a lot of teeth and can open his jaw (Peter saw him yawn) like an alligator. And his claws are amazing …I’d like to see him dig.


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