All About (Human) Faces; with Donna Hrkman

The past two weeks have been so busy; readying the house for the painters to come, getting wool and supplies collected for the Foxy Ladies’ workshop with Donna Hrkman and then starting to get the house re-organized and cleaned….. I know some Foxy Ladies have probably been waiting for this post!

We had Donna working with us for three days! I’ve never done a rug hooking class for that long and you get a lot done and learn so much. If you look at her website, Donna’s speciality is faces, both human and wild ones. This rug was designed and hooked by Donna for the annual Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week challenge. The rules were that the pieces had to show an athlete and include all the colors in the Olympic rings in the piece. Isn’t this a fabulous design ???

Donna Hrkman Olymoic Spirit

As I mentioned in another post, with all that’s going on now, I just couldn’t do anything that required much thought or originality. There are several family photos which I would like to hook some day, but this isn’t the time.Though I wasn’t hooking facial features, I did enjoy listening and watching as people’s “subjects” appeared. Some of the patterns were drawn by Donna from photos that were sent to her, but several of our group drew their own designs. They are all going to be such fun and special pieces.

Karen was working on her own design of her son swimming in Lake Michigan. We all loved his towhead and also the great sand and water texture that Karen was busy hooking on the third day. The background is going to be all about texture and color and movement. {I bet she has it done by our next meeting!}

Karen's son

Carol was working on these four bathing beauties drawn by a friend. She is using a wide cut of wool and eye-popping colors in this stylized design. If you look closely, you can see that Donna drew some cute patterns on the bathing suits. It will be fun for Carol to hook.

Carol's bathing beauties

Lynette was hooking her kindergarten school picture. In this shot you can see how everyone was working from a photograph, or several. Donna called this the source material and used it to help each hooker decide where to put what value. Many people had the photos posterized, which lessens the colors and makes the image more graphic so it is easier to see, draw and hook the values.

Lynnette's self portrait

Linda had a challenging design with three faces! You can see that she has a great start on them.

Linda's faces

Pam was working on a self-portrait of herself hiking some years ago which Donna drew for her. Pam’s face was one of the smaller ones being hooked and required less detail but bolder values for her face to emerge.

Pam's portrait

And I do like the way that Pam works. She fills these baskets with all the wools she is using. They are so appealing and make it easy to choose the next color. I am afraid that the cats would find them appealing as well…

Pam's baskets

Donna did several demonstrations and here she is hooking a human eye. Trained as an artist, she had so many great tips about how to paint with wool. Here she is talking about adding the white dot to make the eye look real.

Donna's eye

{Sorry ladies – I missed a few human projects – I know I photographed them but I think my camera was not working, and if you want to send me a picture, I will post it.} In another post, I’ll share photographs of the animal portraits being done.

Beth, who was sitting opposite me, was hooking a portrait that she drew of her grandson Will and she kindly sent me his photo to add to this post! This is his school picture and I think she’s doing a great job with him. Can you see the white dots in his eye that make him look so animated?

Beth's Will


7 thoughts on “All About (Human) Faces; with Donna Hrkman

  1. What a great overview of our workshop experience! We had a great time, didn’t we? It was the first workshop I have ever attended and I loved it!


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