All About (Animal) Faces; with Donna Hrkman

Donna showed us many of her beautifully designed and hooked rugs. I loved this one,which she made while working with a friend who was getting a teacher’s certificate. All the wools are dip dyed or what the fashion world calls ombre. To shade and highlight the flowers and leaves, you manoeuvre the strip of wool to get the lights-to-darks where you want them. It gives the rug a very soft feel, I think. In the front of the picture, you can see three hooking frames lined up. We were there to get lots of work done!

Donna's tulip rug

Barbara was hooking her dog, Leo. She spent almost a whole day working on getting his tongue, which is so key to the design, to look right. Isn’t it great? And Donna helped the animal lovers get that dot in the eye to make them look realistic. Can you see those tiny pieces of white wool hanging from his ear? They are a 2 cut, which is the teeniest tiniest piece of wool you can cut. I can’t wait to see her progress on Leo.

Barbara's dog

Pat was hooking her dog Karen. What a sweet face! The design was from a great close up photograph of Karen begging. I think this is the second piece of rug hooking that Pat has done – wow!

Pat's Karen

Donna is holding up Susan’s design of her dear departed cat Daisy.

Donna Hrkman & Susan's Daisy

And here is Daisy at the end of three days! The drawing of Daisy’s face is so sweet, but then adding the garland of the flowers underneath is such a great touch. Hooking since she was in her teens (;-D) Susan is very accomplished.

Susan'a Daisy almost done

Here is a room full of The Foxy Ladies, hooking away! It was pretty tight fit, so when anyone needed to audition colors, they went into the other room. In the other room, Donna set up a “store”. She had a lot of beautifully dyed wools, including many pinks and beiges for skin tones.

Foxy Ladies hooking

I suppose that my Eliza rug fits into the animal category, though I was hooking easy eyes and just fretting over color, not realism. Here’s my first try… There will be more on all my trials later, of course!

Eliza start

And again, I am missing the photographs I took of Diane hooking her darling dog pulling a wicker basket! Send me a photo and I will add it.

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