“Editing” the House

Harried…….I read this word in someone’s blog recently  and I thought “That’s how I feel!”. I want to wake up in the morning having had a good night’s sleep and not jump up with my to do list buzzing in my head! I can report lots of progress, but there’s still so much to do…

The painters have come and gone and now we are seriously cleaning, arranging and editing the house. Making the house more neutral and less personal is a chore, but very necessary. The general public needs to be able to imagine themselves living in the house and things that are too interesting can be a distraction. I looked at a wonderful house in Franklin TN and was fascinated by all the photographs on the wall. The couple was involved in the music business and had photographs of themselves with Dolly and Willy and many country singers that even I recognize. The last thing a realtor wants is their client looking at pictures rather than saying how much they love the house! I do get it. So here’s some of what we have taken down and will look forward to seeing in the next house.

This is the stairwell going upstairs. It has a skylight so it’s a beautiful, bright area and perfect to display my kimono collection. This is a wedding kimono that I hang up from December through Valentine’s Day. It’s a beauty. I was tempted to take down the hangers and leave the wall blank, but Peter thinks it does highlight the space, so we’ve hung another kimono and we’ll see what the realtors think. It’s easy enough to take down.

Kimono display

Isn’t this fun over the kitchen window? It was such a big blank space and I’m not a big fan of curtains everywhere, blocking the light. This vinyl saying really tickled me, but I finally decided that it was too amusing. I peeled it off and a good deal of paint came off, so the wall had to be re-done. I didn’t know that might happen with vinyl letters.

Double the chocolate

Peter’s office has been painted, so this saying is gone as well. This saying also made me smile every time I walked into the office. He had his own business for many years and it was a good reminder.

Peter's saying

This definitely needed to come down – it’s part of my Asian textile collection and way too interesting. It’s a jacket that I bought in Shanghai. When I bought it, I tried to find out what ethnic group it might belong to, but the Han Chinese shop keeper didn’t understand me. It has so many amazing techniques in it. This is the back.

Chinese jacket back

On the front, you can see that the black fabric is actually shiny and perhaps waxed, to make it waterproof. The embroidery along the opening and on the epaulets is lovely.

Chinese jacket front

Here you can see the sleeve detail. The blue and white fabric is actually a resist technique, like sgraffito that is done on paper. I wonder if one woman made the whole coat or if each villager had a speciality that they would add to it. And as I digress, telling you about this coat, it’s obvious why things like this need to be packed away!!!

Chinese jacket detail

Collections of blue and white china have been edited and some put away for the day that the packers come. Lots and lots of pictures are coming down – I’m sure that I have too many Chinese ones. The nail holes are being filled. Peter is re-grouting and working on various electrical projects. Slowly but surely, we are disappearing….

On a very personal note, I see that A Daily Dose of Fiber has reached a milestone – there are now 200 of you who have hit the follow me button! Thanks so much to all of you who keep tabs on what I’m up to – I’m very flattered…   ;-D

9 thoughts on ““Editing” the House

  1. I love the quotes, what a great idea. Where do you find them?also, the kimono up the stairwell is beautiful, my husband used to have a bike hanging! I hope you find the space for it again when you move. -Suzy


    • The vinyl words were from Wonderful Graffiti, a company no longer in business. “Google” decals or vinyl letters. Actually, someone told me that a local copy shop can probably make some for you.


  2. You’re an inspiration to me! I know I have to do more “editing” to my house but, so far, I’ve only removed the things that I don’t want to sell with the house (right down to my favorite perennials). I don’t think that’s what the realtors have in mind – Ha! I think you should have kept the “Double the Chocolate & Add Bacon” sign, cause who can’t relate to THAT! Missed you at our hook-in on Saturday.


  3. I’m with Pam, I think you should have kept the sign in the kitchen-it’s great! Best wishes on selling your house. It’s bittersweet to change your house to a neutral space and then have people come through. I love your kimonos. There were just a few times that we saw them being worn when we lived in Japan and the women were very beautiful with their makeup and hair just so.


  4. Please! What are the gold knobs you used to hang the dowel on? Great idea, and just the idea I have been searching for displaying my kimono. It is very similar to yours–love that lipstick red with the gold and brilliant colors…


    • I think I got those at Pottery Barn. They are tie backs for curtains but work very well for hanging, and of course they come in many styles at many prices. I use bamboo to put through the kimono.


      • Of course, and such a great idea! Thanks so much for your response, Deb. Now I know what to look for to finally hang my beauty.


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