The New & Improved Studio/Family Room

My blog buddy at Quiltfever commented recently that with all we’re doing to the house, we’d fall in love with it again. Not exactly, I am so ready to move, but with all the editing and reorganizing, I am remembering why we fell in love with it and bought it in the first place. And I hope that loads of potential buyers come and feel the same way.  ;- 0 Peter looked at the redesigned space and said that the family who buys the house will go out and buy a pool table and a huge T.V.!

I thought you might like a tour of the new/old basement area. It’s one of the big reasons why we bought it. The realtors here call it an “English basement” because of the windows. (I don’t know if that’s Midwestern?) Here is how my sewing table can look – like a side board. It’s a Koala table and I just love it.

Koala sewing table

However, I don’t plan to close it; I think with a quilt hanging over the edge to disguise what is under it, it’s quite a pretty sight. And I do want to sew. I really miss the design wall, but otherwise it’s very useable.

Studio area

This area is for games. We had the electric fireplace in the livingroom, but needed a focal point downstairs and this does the trick. The table and chairs, with fresh cushions, used to be in my parents’ kitchen, and was in ours for many years. In this house, it’s always been a game table.

Game area

Here is the computer area. I was going to put this all away and then realized that most families want and need such a place, so it’s been compacted. The shelves beside it hold what’s left of my scrapbooking supplies. Turns out that I am not much of a scrapbooker; I use these supplies for cards and gifts.


And here you see some of my fabric stash. Quite amazing, isn’t it? (A few of you have actually seem my studios over the years and I bet you are stunned at how tidy it is.) I have endlessly folded fabric. Some went on these shelves and some went in boxes. Now you see it….

Fabric shelves

And now you don’t! I am aware of how overwhelming all of my “stuff” looks to a non fiber person. It’s too much! I spent quite a lot of head time after I decided to make a curtain trying to figure out how to attach the fabric to the shelves without drilling holes. Then one day when I was wandering around Joann’s, I came across Home Decor Velcro. One side is sticky to put on the furniture, and the other side is sew-on to attach to the fabric. To make sure that the fabric hangs nicely, I made a pocket in the bottom and put in a piece of wood for the weight.

Covered shelves

We are “entertaining” realtors this week. We don’t have one in mind, so have invited several in to give us their idea for a price and their strategy. We’ve never done this before, and it’s been interesting. I must say that our hard work was rewarded!!! The words “pristine” “move-in ready” and “immaculate” rarely pertain to a house that I inhabit. One of the realtors asked if I had the house professionally staged. When I replied that I had done it, she said that I could do it for a living. One of the others said that the livingroom looked like it was out of a magazine. ;-D Still smiling about that one. I’m done bragging now, but it was really great!!!!

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