Five Weeks & Counting…

It was quite strange to come “home” after our 10 day trip. The house is so neat and tidy and so much is put away; it frankly doesn’t seem like it’s ours. And it almost isn’t.

What has happened, which is so surprising, is that our house went under contract before it was even listed!!! After we signed the contract with our realtor, she started getting the word out. As we were making the final preparations for being on the market and going away, she was scheduling the sign installation and the photographer. She put the word out with her network of realtors and the next thing we knew, people were asking for showings! The upshot was that the first people who saw the house made an offer and we are moving ahead with them. That’s why the vacation to Hendersonville ended up being more of a where-to-live-next search for Peter.

We picked up the cats from their little vacation. We take them to a wonderful boarding place – they let them out several times a day in the office so they can play and get some exercise. Before we left, Gizmo was traumatized. He is the poster boy for a scaredy cat. He either hides in the basement squeezed beside the freezer, or behind the coffee maker. I can’t decide if he thinks he is hidden there…

Frightened Gizmo

Our plan was to sell the house and then rent a place in our target area and start seriously feeling what the area is like and looking at houses. Settlement is June 21st (!!!) and so we are moving ahead with alacrity. We looked at houses in Hendersonville and spent a day in Greenville doing the same. Happily Peter and I are in agreement that Greenville is the area we want to live next! One decision down and many more to come.

Reedy River

We took a lovely drive there on another day of our trip, meandering through Southern North Carolina and towards the east side of Greenville. Artisphere was going on and so we parked and joined in the fun downtown. It’s a fabulous city with so much going on and the surrounding area, where we will be living, looks great too. Wow. I’m still stunned by how fast everything is happening….

2 thoughts on “Five Weeks & Counting…

  1. Wow Congrats Deb! You have an awesome house, I’m not surprised it went so fast. You will be missed 🙂 Enjoy your new adventure!


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