Crocheting Granny Squares

I am not ashamed to admit it; I love Granny Squares, but they give crocheting a bad rap, I’m told.

When I took the crochet class a year ago, I thought I knew how to crochet and had just forgotten. As I worked along, having so much trouble managing the yarn and making stitches, I realized that I didn’t! Many, many years ago both my mother and her mother began crocheting granny square afghans for a nursing home that had just opened. Mom went to our wonderful 5 & 10 cents store in town and bought every color of Red Heart polyester wool they had. She would pick and choose what color to use in each row; some were pretty; others not so much, but when the whole afghan was crocheted together, it was wonderful. I wanted to know how to do everything she did, so soon I was playing with the colors myself. And now I realize that Mom taught me how to make a granny square, not how to crochet.

When I mentioned in the crochet class that I wanted to make granny squares, my teacher proceeded to bring out samples and patterns for other projects I might do. She did divert me with the potato chip scarf, but I was determined to make granny squares. I had another private lesson with her last week and discovered that she really dislikes granny squares, so now I know why she keeps trying to lead me in another direction! I get it; they can be crude looking, but I love them. Here’s my thinking:

Granny Squares = crochet     as    Grandmother’s Flower Garden = quilting

Granny squares are an easy take along project that can be lovely and sublime or dreadfully garish. I have a (subdued) selection of wools that I know I will enjoy playing with. It’s a wonderful color plan; all these soft heathers with a dark purple to lace them together. Making granny squares with my mother was probably my first exposure to playing with color!

Granny squares yarn

If you’ve looked at patterns for them, Granny Squares run the gamut from the basic square to designs with really cool 3D flower middles. My plan for this afghan is to make a bunch of the basic squares and then sprinkle in the fancy ones. I am using this book to give me ideas.

The Granny Squares Book

I have been working away and in this week’s private lesson, I will learn how to make some flowery middles!

First Granny Square

One thought on “Crocheting Granny Squares

  1. I like granny squares too, and I agree, that’s the first thing I think of when I think of crocheting. I like the book that you’re working from as there is so much variety to choose from! Enjoy yourself. Good memories of working with your Mom, such a neat thing to remember.


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