Granny Square Inspiration

Isn’t it funny when you start working on a project, what turns up. I’ve been going through magazines and came across the November 2000 issue of Martha Stewart Living, back when they were wonderful and so fat. In that issue, the one with the amazing chocolate turkey on the cover, there is an article about granny squares, and I must say that nobody elevates projects to the level that Martha Stewart Living does. Look at this tiny book mark being crocheted out of thread! {Imagine that as a doll house rug!!!}

MSL November 2000

I do think I will need to try some babies. Another thing I found interesting in the article was their use of color in the squares. Most of us crochet each row a different color, and think square by square, but they did some designs that took in the piece as a whole. I like that idea; sort of a “Modern Quilt” done in crochet squares. I have lots of ideas to play with in our extended stay room in Greenville! And I haven’t even looked much on Pinterest and Google yet…

Crochet color ideas

I showed the article to my crochet teacher and even she was amazed by the lovely projects. I also noticed that as I was working, she was looking through my book and oohing and ahhing at the patterns. Maybe I have converted her! Meanwhile, in my lesson, I learned to make this fat flower middle! I like it very much.

Fat flower

We went over two other designs. There really wasn’t time to actually make them, so I am going to try to follow the directions myself. As well as written directions, crochet patterns include a “drawn out” pattern. My teacher went over these with me, thinking that since I am such a visual person, it would be easier. We’ll see! I also treated myself to some new colors. I originally bought this yarn for a knitting project, but now I want to have more colors to choose from for the flowers. Yummy, huh?

New yarn

Nothing like a new project to get the creative juices flowing!

Four granny squares

7 thoughts on “Granny Square Inspiration

  1. I think you did a wonderful job on your squares! I agree, you can use different colors, textures, and make something wonderfully funky! I was inspired by someone else who made a funky baby girl afghan, and I made a girl and boy one. Is there a way I can post a pic for you?


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