5 Days & Counting…

Each state is different so previous experience doesn’t help in the matter of selling the house or the settlement. Ours is June 21, but in Illinois, the buyers don’t have to attend. Though I like the idea of not having to sit through the endless paper shuffling, signatures and issues to resolve, it does make me a bit nervous. Both Peter and I have been fretting over all the things we need to do for that, but the lawyer has assured us that everything is in good order and that we have completed our part. {Can’t wait to get her bill.}

It’s funny how getting the house ready to sell has nothing to do with the moving part! All that time spent making the house look empty and tidy and appealing is now being undone. We are pulling things out and looking critically at them. We are paying for this move and have the estimate {ouch!} so we have been tossing things liberally. The house is looking like this. The storage unit is empty and we’re going through all the closets and cupboards one more time. The packing has been scheduled for one day – it’s always been two before – but the company assures me they are sending a big crew. I hope they eat their Wheaties on Tuesday.

Livingroom junk

I have also been packing up a good bit of the studio so that I can find things on the other end, hopefully! All the china and breakables we leave for the packers – it’s what they do best.

Blue & white to go

We have areas where we are collecting what to take with us to our temporary residence. Clothes, cat necessities, Peter’s business thing are going in boxes. And I’m sure you can imagine how carefully I am selecting projects to keep me busy. ;-D I had forgotten all the little things that need to be done when you close up a house. The pantry and the refrigerator need to be cleaned out and most everything tossed. The movers don’t move food or liquor. Since we will be in an extended stay motel, we can take some of those things, but the issue is – how much room will there be in the cars? Though I’m not a frugal person, I do dislike throwing away all the partially used condiments and baking items. We are taking some of them with us, but we can’t spare the room for the ketchup bottle with that precious 1/2″ of goodness left…

The cats are really wound up by the unfamiliar routines, rugs rolled up and boxes everywhere. Gizmo’s new routine is gulping down breakfast and retreating under our bed for the day – no matter what. Jasmine is braver, but she anxiously yowls now and then and needs lots of attention. They are both sleeping with us and lying on top of us as if to hold us in place……Wait until they spend two days in the car, a night at a motel and then move to a new place!

When we’re tired, as we are every day now, we look at all our stuff and think, is anything worth taking???

More stuff!

4 thoughts on “5 Days & Counting…

  1. I see you’re moving to Greenville, SC. Lucky you! We lived there for a couple of years. I felt at home almost immediately, and I still miss it. It’s a great place to live. We used to go up to Hendersonville some times on the weekends. There was a little resort restaurant that served the best fried green tomato BLT’s ever! Miss them too! Wishing you a smooth move.


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