“It looks like the Circus is leaving town…”

Part One of our move is history and it went very well. I had forgotten how crazy busy the days are leading up to the crews arriving. Perhaps some people just let them in and say “go to it” but in the interest of knowing where my studio things are, not to mention kitchen supplies, we did a lot of packing and stacking ourselves. It was exhausting. The 4 man packing crew came on Tuesday and they did get everything done in one day – and by 3 PM! This was a sight for our tired eyes…

On Wednesday, three full-sized moving trucks pulled in our small street! I almost fainted. I know we have a lot of stuff, but really? When I texted this picture to my brother he said ” it looks like the circus is leaving town”!

The crew leader explained that our precious cargo ;-D was being packed into wooden pallets for storage and they take up lots of room. After going through the house with them, I headed off for some much needed caffeine and missed my favorite part – the loom move! They said it was easy getting it up the stairs but I know it involved balancing many hundred pounds of maple and cast iron on their heads!

I had forgotten how much wrapping and packaging goes on during the loading part. Anything not in boxes was cocooned in plastic wrap and/or padded cloth. And again you look at vignettes like this and wonder why you are moving these items. Both days we had the nicest men who listened carefully to any concerns we had and handled our good with care. Kudos to Reebie/Allied movers!

Last stop in Chicagoland was one of our favorite spots for a hot dog and the yummiest milkshakes! Superdawg is a must for a Chicagoland to-do list.


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