House Hunting in Earnest!

After what seemed like forever, we started house hunting this week. When we arrived in Greenville, I wanted to relax and Peter wanted to get some work done, and our realtor was busy. Then she went on vacation. A lot of time to research, drive around and think, turned out to be a good thing, since we really don’t know the area nor do we know what we want. When doing a company relo, the simplest thing is to be led around by the realtor, choosing what will work for the next few years. Though this may not be our last move, we want to love our new spot and not find a need to move.

I have spent hours, {and hours and hours!!!} on, Trulia and Zillow. Peter gave me a new iPad for my birthday which can run on AT&T as well as the hotel network, so I am able to do anything I please, from “house hunting” to watching Netflix. After a week or so, when I thought I’d found a “target area”, I let her know and she started mailing me appropriate listings. This was my first system for keeping track of it all….

I had bits of paper everywhere! I also found that I kept looking at the same listings and couldn’t remember why I liked or disliked them. When I was working out one day, I thought of a better plan and marched off to a local big box store to buy the supplies. This system is helping to keep me organized.

After we had dinner many nights ( the Residence Inn actually serves a little supper 4 nights a week, which we often eat) we would head out with phones and iPad in hand, and check out the houses and properties I’d found. We call them “drive-bys”. This has been very helpful as we have found lots of places that don’t suit us. I want privacy and Peter wants a backyard where we can have a ham radio tower, and so the search area has gotten further from Greenville. Developments with strict HOAs and covenants are out, which is not a big deal as neither of us want other people telling us what color we can paint the house or what we can plant in the yard anyway. So much for the tidy idea of a target area!

I looked at quite a few houses this week and then Peter came along to see what I thought were the most interesting ones. ;-D We checked out a very private place with a sweet backyard and a pool. It had over 5 acres with a good-sized house and chicken coops and some other penned areas and a small rotting barn. I really liked it and it did sing a little song to me, but I agreed – too much work……


We saw a very nice brand new house, but it has never been occupied and sits in a new development with one other house…….. Much as I liked it, and the views of Paris Mountain, it seemed like a bad idea to buy there.


And this one had a high deck with lovely curving gardens out back! Lots of privacy and room for that tower. These people like to garden, as we do, but the house was enormous. And I must say, I’m delighted at what we will be able to grow – rosemary bushes, gardenia and many flowers that “up North” are annuals.


Our realtor is wonderful and seems unruffled as we keep saying “No, this won’t work”…..

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