My Life at the Residence Inn

A friend asked me recently, how we were getting on. She couldn’t imagine spending more than a few nights at a motel. If you’ve been associated with a large corporation, chances are you have also spent long periods of time in such a place for company moves or on home leaves when you live Overseas. Peter figures that he’s spent more than a year in total, at Residence Inns here and there! I might be close to that after this stay.

They’re really quite nice places and the staff makes an effort to be friendly and helpful. This one is not as new as some we’ve been in, but the price is right. We started out on the second floor and it was awful! For the first week we heard and felt tremendous crashing and banging – even the cats noticed. We looked at a family with 4 little boys one morning at breakfast and realized who was above us. They left and things were fairly quiet….then one night someone paced above us all night. We did wonder if it was a human or a dog. In any case, we asked to be moved to the third floor and it’s been great. We do hear loud voices and slamming doors below us…and there are always barking dogs…. The ladies at the front desk say to call and tell them, but a barking dog means that its owner is away and what can be done about that?

It is a hotel, but as a long term guest you can have as little or as much cleaning as you like. We have them come in once or twice a week. We pen the cats up in their bathroom and let the maid have at it.  A hot breakfast is provided every day. I’m pretty worn down with them as there is little variation, so we do eat in our room more often now. A light supper is available 4 nights a week, which is nice if you’re feeling lazy or it’s raining or you want to save a bit of money. Again, they have become very monotonous…..

Here’s the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen is primitive basic I mean! ;-D I remembered the last one we stayed in and brought some supplies, including some sharp knives. If you really intend to cook, the dull knives provided are actually pretty dangerous, as well as hard on the hands.

We have a two bedroom space, thank goodness. Peter is working and though so much of it is virtual and everything is on the cloud somewhere, he does need room. Here’s his office area with a very sophisticated filing system!

Here’s the living area. Thank heavens for streaming Netflix as there aren’t many TV channels and the Summer reality shows make me crazy. I always marvel that they have fireplaces….. There’s a paper log in there and I do remember one night many moons ago when we set off the smoke alarm! If you don’t get the log in the “right” place, then it gets smoky.


The cats find great spots. Jasmine continues to be enamored of the fluffy white bed. She’s very easy going and adapts well to new situations. She would love to see what’s outside the door….


Gizmo is still anxious and often in a closet or under one of the bedside tables. He does like sitting in the window beside Peter’s desk and smelling the fresh air and listening to the birds. When we can pry him out, he likes being in the armchair. Tough life, isn’t it?


Here’s my storage area behind the chair! In this spot I have rug hooking, hand piecing, crochet and cross stitch projects.  I’m starting to get stir crazy now that I don’t need to spend hours on the Internet looking at homes and properties.


Settlement has been delayed……we tried to get a mortgage in 30 days but the bankers say that a mortgage can’t be done in that time. We’ve always been able to do that, but I guess since the downturn, everything is different. So we’ll be here until the end of August…..

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