House Found!

We didn’t know what we wanted in a house, but we knew it when we found it!

The widened search took the realtor and I to a development on Lake Robinson, much further north of Greenville than I had been originally looking at online. We viewed two houses which I liked a good bit. But the neighbors, were they too close? Would a lake view with a large back yard make up for being in a development with an e on the end of its name? (Pointe…….a spelling which I find seriously annoying!)

The next day we took Peter to see three houses for sale that backed onto the lake and had docks and views…..and that was that! I was delighted to see the happiness in his eyes. He grew up across the street from the Delaware River and spent hours upon hours exploring the river with his boat and has always talked about how much he loves water and boats. A lake wasn’t something we’d really discussed, so it was serendipitous for sure! Though we won’t have a Greenville address, I think we’ll be close enough to enjoy all that the downtown offers.

OMG, pinch me.

We are really excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “House Found!

    • Thanks! There’s no basement and no big space like that so it will probably be spread out in one or two bedrooms. We have to see it again to really figure out what goes where.


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