More Dyeing at PRO Chem

Here is the PRO Chem studio where we toiled away. ;-D Everyone had their own table which was great as we each had different systems for the dyeing process. Behind where I stood to take the picture are booths for lunch and relaxing. It’s not a good idea to eat or drink around dyes.

PRO Chem studio

Day Three was just as intense as the two previous dyeing days. There were still samples that needed to be steamed and then washed and spread out to dry. Vicki, the quality control expert, eyed the samples to make sure they were correct.

Steamed samples

We literally had hundreds of samples to tie on recipe sheets. It was fun to admire the colors as we worked away and think about what projects we might use them for.

Samples to tie

We snipped off the knots and tied the samples onto their proper pages. I saved my knots…..


And by the end of the day, we started collecting the pages of samples. Wow – talk about inspiration!

Lots of tying

And here is our homework. These are the samples that we did not have time to tie on their pages during the workshop!

Three color samples

Day Four was a day for us to experiment with a project of our choice and when our different fiber focuses came to the fore. There were felters and knitters and weavers and hookers, dyeing wool and silk of all descriptions. I was pretty boring, dyeing wool fabric for hooking.

I’m off to the office supply store today to get larger binders; I underestimated the amount of space they would take up. Just look at all these lovely colors. I can’t stop playing with them.

Amazing colors

It really was quite an amazing week. It is always fun to be with “one’s own kind” and talk about nothing but fiber. Thanks so much to the unfailingly patient knowledgeable Vicki Jensen (and PRO Chem) for designing such a great workshop.

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