Ready to Walk On…..

As I was warping the loom for the looper rugs at the beginning of the year, I remember thinking about when the house would finally be on the market and how many months I would have to complete the rugs. In a small part of my brain, I thought “I hope I have to hurry!”.  And that is just what happened – I had to rush to get them done so I could dismantle the loom. Luckily, weaving the fat sock tips goes very quickly and they were done in no time.

Weaving loopers

Tying the fringe is exciting because it means I am about to cut the project off, but it’s tricky making sure that the rug doesn’t ravel. Deciding what edge to weave on such a thick rug is tricky and nothing looks great…..

Tying fringe

Unwinding a woven warp is pretty fun! And looking at this picture, I am so glad that I kept my Macomber loom. Because of its size and weight (maple and cast iron make for a very heavy piece of furniture) this was always the loom I thought that I should sell. Over the years of debate, Peter has always said that this was the one I should keep, and he was right. It is/was my dream loom and I can create anything I want on it. I’ve recently been inspired by Jo, who is new to weaving and full of excitement over what she’s doing. She’s been weaving overshot, which is a pattern family I used to love to weave. My Macomber has 12 harnesses and in weaving speak, that means I can create some pretty complex patterns.

Two looper rugs

Despite all that was going on, the cats did find time for a quality check. They too were surprised at how flat the old bathroom rug had become.

Quality checking

The new rugs feel so wonderful underfoot. We are looking forward to putting them on the bathroom floor very soon.

Settlement is in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Ready to Walk On…..

  1. Congrats on your rug finishes!! And congratulations on your new house, I hope that everything goes smoothly for you. I bet you do love your Macomber loom. I had a chance to see one while we were living in Colorado and I was impressed. Do you have a favorite source for buying the loopers? That looks like fun weaving to try in the future.


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