A Sloppy Move…….

Finally moving out of The Residence Inn was so exciting and it was so easy since we didn’t have to carefully pack everything so that it fit perfectly in the two cars.

Jasmine waited patiently for her turn to move.

Gizmo, the cowardly cat, hunkered down in a closet hoping that nothing awful would happen to him!

The cats in their carriers and a suitcase was all that was left when we drove to the new house last Thursday to meet the truck. We were delighted to see it!!!

We have moved a lot. I count at least 10 “professional” moves, which include 4 International ones. We know what to expect…….we thought. The packers and movers in Illinois were great; they were really professional and such nice men. Obviously we expected the same level of service on this end……The driver and his helper were good but we couldn’t figure out why the four men who arrived were so unprofessional and sloppy. What has happened in past moves is that the driver (the company?) contracts with a local moving company and uses their men to unload. These men were from a local temp agency and who knows how they were chosen! They didn’t know how to lift boxes or carry them up the staircase or how to stack them in the rooms so that everything fit.

I was not happy! I have never worked so hard during a move. While Peter was supervising garage and outdoor things as well as putting together beds (which the movers are supposed to do……), I was in the house directing. The youngest man was shot by noon and after lunch he refused to do anything but push the cart from the truck to the house and dump it. The others selectively ignored me; if they chose to do what I asked, they did it! The heaviest item in our house inventory is the loom and I was frightened that the men were going to drop it down the stairs.

I could go on and on! Thankfully they didn’t damage our things or injure themselves because of their lack of experience, but suffice it to say that the moving company will be hearing from us! Had it been a company paid move, I wouldn’t be quite so annoyed, but we paid for this!!!
The good news is that we’re here and happily settling in….finally!

(Please excuse anything funky with this post. As usual, I am having trouble with WordPress on my iPad…..)

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