A Very Happy Week!

We have been home owners for about a week now. Looks like we have chosen a place that we will both love. It’s been lots of work – appointments with the cable guy, the dishwasher installer, getting a garbage service and changing our address yet again. Lots of manuals to read and things to figure out how to use. The usual.

It was fun to move in on a holiday weekend as we would work awhile and then we felt like we could play for a while! Our neighbors on one side invited us to their house for drinks one night….so nice! We actually sat on their dock, overlooking Lake Robinson! It was lovely and cool and they told us all sorts of things about themselves and the neighborhood. Then, into the cove motored a pontoon boat (they have just recently been approved for use on the lake) and it was a neighbor. He docked and chatted for a bit and then drove off. Wow. Lake living is sure different. We did some boating of our own. We bought the homeowners boat and after Peter read up on how to start the motor, we tooled around the lake. I haven’t been in a boat since Summer camp in the Poconos! It is very fun to check out everyone’s homes and docks.

Peter reading

There are still loads of boxes to unpack and the labeling is always interesting. I was curious to see what exactly was in the box marked “slow cooker” since we don’t have one. Turned out to be the ice cream maker. I understand we have a lot of odd stuff, but could things like pillows and computer supplies be marked? And I have unpacked three lamp shades……. No boxes have lamp bases written on them…. I have been working hard to get enough put away that we can relax In the eat in area of the kitchen. It’s important to have a calm area in the caoss, i think. I was glad that I moved the Flor tiles. This set was in the dining room, but looks just fine in the new kitchen. Isn’t this a great space?

Eat in area

We had some visitors. Hard to see, I know, but this was the Goodyear blimp flying overhead! We think it might have been covering the Clemson game, which is an enormous deal around here.

And a flock of geese honked by our dock on the lake.

20130906-151041.jpgWe are so enjoying settling in……

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