What I Did On My Summer Vacation {ha!}

School children all over the USA have written themes with this title so their teachers have time to test them and get everyone organized for the year. I was always guilty of making my Second Graders write this. I honestly did want to know what they did…..

Just in case you aren’t a regular reader of mine, my husband and I spent most of the Summer living in The Residence Inn in Greenville, SC as we searched for a house and thought I’d share my Summer projects. None of these is particularly creative, but space and “head” constraints made these the perfect projects.

This is a “semi homemade” project that my crochet teacher suggested to me. Have you noticed how much fleece fabric there is in fabric stores? It’s incredible! I buy 1.5 yards of it, which when trimmed makes roughly a square. I use a funny rotary cutter which makes slits in the fabric and crochet an edge around it. They will make inexpensive gifts. The pool ball one is for a relative who just bought a pool table which is in a basement and felt cool to me. Obviously the Christmas ones will be given away in a few months. We have a passel of great nephews whose mothers will not let them use the quilts I have made for them, so surely they will use these once a year.

Crochet edges

I also worked on the Granny squares a bit. I chose an eggplant color to use as a background or connector yarn and decided to crochet a row of it around each square. If you don’t do that, the connector yarn really shows up as lines and looks unattractive. Doesn’t the purple frame each square nicely? I’m wondering about doing another row so they really pop…


The Halloween Grandmother’s Flower Garden made an appearance now and then. Usually it’s one of my favorite things to do, but for some reason, not this Summer.

Halloween hexes

(I worked on the Vermont Shells rug a good deal but am saving that for another time.)

Many, many boxes have been unpacked, but theres a lot to go. I am so looking forward to unpacking and arranging things in my studio area. To say that I have pent-up creativity is an understatement! But I am grateful that I like working quietly with my hands. I don’t know what I would have done all Summer otherwise.

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