Greenville’s Euphoria 2013

Everyone was hurrying to downtown Greenville over the weekend to attend the 2013 Euphoria food and music events.

Geese on the ReedyIt’s a show that’s all about food and music and helping local charities, with events for several days all over the city. We bought tickets for the Tasting Showcase on Saturday. There was too much to do and way too much to eat and drink! We went to several demos and the one I found most interesting was by Lionel Vatinet, French master bread maker. Though I have been baking bread for a very long time, I learned some interesting tips. The best part was watching his hands as he shaped all the traditional French breads….not a wasted motion.

Lionel Vatinet

There was a whole lamb roasting outside the demonstration tent. What yummy smells! Peter got a bite but it was bones by the time I got there.

Lamb roast

Across the street was a large parking lot with three huge tents set up. Inside was the tasting area filled with representatives from breweries, wineries, restaurants and caterers as well as spirit vendors! Inside our totes were a wine glass and a beer glass and when you approached a vendor, they gave a sample. Some people spent all day in the tasting tents and by 4, they were really gone. We stayed away from the distillery tables. I wouldn’t know a good bourbon from a great one, and I would have had to have a nap! There were local restaurants cooking up yummy treats.

Euphoria tasting tent

We went to a beer and food pairing event, which was very fun. There was a panel of brewers who talked about their beers and then the chef created dishes to go with the various beers. There are several new breweries in Greenville, with more to open. Apparently South Carolina passed new laws that make it easier to open breweries and gastropubs. There are some interesting laws in the area. In Greenville, you can drink beer and wine on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant (with food!) but not mixed drinks. And beer and wine is sold separately from spirits….. And evidently there are some areas around Greenville that are dry.

Beer and quesadilla

I was pinching my self all weekend. This time last year, I was on my second where-to-live-next trip, checking out Hendersonville, Charlotte and Greenville. The morning I left, I wandered around downtown wondering what Euphoria was and thinking that I loved Greenville… And here we are, celebrating one month in our new house.

Dreams can come true!

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