The Aunt Het Quilt Show

October is a busy month, no matter where you live. In “The Upstate” of South Carolina, bordering Western North Carolina, there are lots of things to do this time of year, and there are a lot of quilt shows happening!

Two weekends ago I went to the Asheville guild’s quilt show. I wanted to share that great show with you, but I am sorry to say that their program says no photos may be published on the Internet. This last weekend was the Aunt Het quilt show, put on by The Nimble Thimbles guild. The town of Fountain Inn, SC has a festival every year to celebrate the cartoon figure of Aunt Het, created by Robert Quillen, and the guild has their show.

There were quite a few Judy Niemeyer designs on display. This was my favorite, entitled Weddings Rings for Andy & Sallie, pieced by Pam Sexton and quilted by Diane Foster. In the write-up it says that because Sallie does not have a favorite color, it became a rainbow quilt. The color, and there was lots of it, was really beautifully handled. I am sorry –  this photo does not do it justice.

Pam Sexton quilt

Pam Sexton is a Judy Niemeyer junkie, as she also made this one! It’s called Sunflower Illusion and was quilted by Diane Foster. The colors are just fabulous, aren’t they?

Sunflower Illusion

Betsi Dinger pieced and quilted this beauty. It’s a paper pieced pattern designed by Deb Karasik she named Mountain Wheels. Betsi wrote in her statement that she was trying to stay away from her go-to colors of pinks and branch out. What a success!

Betsi Dinger

I’m a big fan of scrap quilts and so this one really caught my eye. It’s made using Bonnie Hunter‘s pattern and technique of using old shirts. I attended a lecture of hers and she is a passionate shirt collector! This wonderful quilt is called My Father Likes Striped Shirts, pieced by Margaret Seel and quilted by Debbie Burnett. I really wanted to touch it as I bet it is very soft.

Margaret Seel

And wow – this was my favorite for use of a bold color! Isn’t it great? It is an orginal design by Margaret Caughman entitled Churndash Between Green Snowballs. She quilted it as well. That yellow-green is absolutely amazing.

Churndash Between Green Snowballs

My choice for best of show was an original design by Johellen George, called Baskets for Tari. She is one lucky girl to have her grandmother make this quilt for her! Can you imagine? If I were Tari’s mom, I think I would hang this beauty. The thought of something getting spilled on this or a dog jumping on it….this is an heirloom quilt for sure.

Johellen George

I took this close up so you could see what a wonderful machine quilter Johellen is. I particularly like the feathery bits in the square areas.

Johellen George quilting

Next weekend, there’s a quilt show in Pickens. I’m a happy camper! I

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