Coulrophobia or Weird Halloween Decorations

Skeleton clowns

I just had to share this with you! I’m not one of those people who are creeped-out by clowns, but these guys are pretty weird! The combination of the skeleton and the clown makes these guys incredibly disturbing. I was in a party place just yesterday and look at some of the clown masks. Yow!

Creepy Clown Masks

If you look up “fear of clowns” there are some very amusing and interesting entries to read, 4.3 million or more if you have the time! (This Smithsonian article is quite interesting.) If you really want to be disturbed, watch the movie  Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Peter and I came across it late one night and were fascinated and horrified by it. The clowns are very attractive but some seriously weird things go on….

Why am I sharing this with you – – – because it’s good Halloween fun – – – unless you’re coulrophobic!  ;-D

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