UpCountry Quilt Guild’s Parade of Quilts

Another weekend, another quilt show! Though there were many events happening last weekend, we decided to head to Pickens on Saturday. There was a quilt show there called Parade of Quilts, put on by the UpCountry Quilt Guild.

The show was a very colorful one! This quilt is called Cabine Colore by Patricia Kerko. It was a striking log cabin design and all the flowers and leaves were machine appliquéd.

Patricia Kerko

The show is held every other year and many quilters have been busy! Laverne Marchbanks made a gorgeous pink double wedding ring……

Laverne Marchbanks pink

…and a purple one! She didn’t write any description, so I will fill in the blanks. I am sure it was hand quilted – and – I think it was hand pieced! I really couldn’t quite tell with the lighting. Either way, they were impressive quilts with lovely colors!

Laverne Marchbanks purple

This was another beautifully color planned quilt; a sampler of stars called Rainbow Galaxy. Beth Eastman said that this was her first attempt at paper piecing!

Beth Eastman

Jean Gardiner crafted this beautiful red work quilt with such a great border. The random and varied star patterned squares really make this quilt very unusual. The border was machine quilted by Carol Alpern and the quilt is called Snowflake Here, Snowflake There.

Jean Gardiner

This quilt by Gail Sexton gets my color award! I just love them. The tag said this is by Smith Street Designs. I very much like this design. There’s a lot going on but it works so well together. And the colors are so juicy : raspberries and apricots come to my mind…

Gail Sexton Garden Club

This is a detail so you can see the beautiful machine applique Gail did. I very much like her quilting – it seems appropriate and adds to the design of the quilt rather than overwhelming it.

Gail Sexton detail

This wall hanging was made by Pat Kerko from a design by Gail Sexton. I am always drawn by wall hangings that are horizontal. I tend to make square ones but so many times there are horizontal spaces between windows that would frame such a pice really beautifully. Check out Pat’s amazing free motion quilting in the border!

Pat Kerko Printemps

There were many quilts that won awards and someone had made ribbons for them. Each one was different and they were all so fun. Look closely at the photos above and you can see more of them.

Ribbon 1

I think the quilt guild shows are done for this year. My guild has a show coming up in the Spring and I have been mulling over what quilts to finish. As you may know, I have a lot of quilt tops waiting…….

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