Starting Some Hand Quilting…

Several people have asked what I’m up to, in the creative department. Not much, is the answer. I am still fussing with the house and my studio and can’t quite get down to being the creative me again. But that doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing. I can’t have idle fingers. ;-D I have unpacked lots of boxes in the studio and the Livingroom Rug Quilt has surfaced. I really like it and want to get it done. Turns out that a quilt guild I recently joined has a show coming up in the Spring and that is a great deadline to get me working on the stack of tops I have.

Livingroom Rug Quilt found

Hand quilting is really on the wane. I have been to three quilt shows this Fall and in this area of the country I expected to see more hand quilting. I love to hand quilt and haven’t done it in a while. After looking at this top for a bit, I have decided to hand quilt it! I can see some eye rolling, but here’s my reasoning. I don’t want to do an overall quilting design. I didn’t carefully piece all these geese and points to have a design go over them. I want to quilt around each shape. My machine quilting skills are such that this is a very tedious exercise. Frankly, it’s easier and quicker for me to hand quilt it and so I am. {As I am working, I see that more points than I would like have been nipped off. The circular geese are not easy to sew. Maybe I won’t enter it in the show….}

LPQ hooped

I was working on the Halloween Grandmother’s Flower Garden, but I’ve put that away until another trip. Parts of it are still portable.

Halloween GFG progress

Well, I know someone who always approves of hand quilting!

Jasmine quilting

7 thoughts on “Starting Some Hand Quilting…

  1. your hand quilting is great to see… machine quilting looks like mattress pads (!)… and I agree with one of the posts that while you might find your pieced flying geese to be imperfect it is too lovely to not show in your quilt guild show… who knows how many quilters this colorful and quilted piece will inspire? Competition is far less important than inspiration.


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