Making Progress

A few weeks ago,we had a box pick up and now we can use the garage ! Here are two gigantic piles of collapsed boxes.

Collapsed boxes

And here are a bunch of dish packs stuffed with paper. Another odd thing happened with the awful move; I didn’t stand at the door marking off box numbers as the men brought them in. We’ve always done that; how else can you tell if something is missing? The driver sort of shrugged when I asked about it and said “I brought all your boxes from Chicago”. Well, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think he did! There are no unopened boxes and we are missing some of Peter’s clothes and a collection of antique tins that I love. I don’t know what to do. If you’ve ever seen the warehouses where they store people’s stuff, you know how huge they are. A box could be lost in one of those places… forever…….

Boxes of paper

Now that the majority of boxes are unpacked, I’m making it feel like home here and finding places for everything to stay put. We have spent a lot of time moving furniture from here to there. The Queen of Cupboards does not seem to have enough wall space for all of them….. {sigh} … and no basement to store them.

And now the redecorating can begin. We haven’t lived in an older home for a long, long time; our last two places were new with a color like Navajo White paint on the walls. This house was built in 1999 and has had two owners, although the previous owners said they didn’t redecorate. {Really???} I feel like we’re living in someone else’s house. Here’s the powder room. I HATE the wallpaper. {Apologies to those of you who like it… different strokes and all that.}

Dreadful wallpaper

I hate the chandelier and I hate the little beaded shades that make the room so dark. And I have never liked brass faucets as they look like gold. This house is located in South Carolina on a lake and although I’m not saying there has to be fish or mermaid wallpaper on the walls {though that could be fun}, I find the Italian Architecture wallpaper to be an odd choice. I think this will be the first room to play with!

Gold faucets

We did add one little touch of us this weekend. The idea came to me one day when I was admiring the view. I found a great place online to order vinyl words for the wall and we put this up over the very wonderful window in the great room. You may need to click on the picture to see the words – I took several pictures yesterday but it’s difficult to photograph a window.

Welcome to the lake

We were sitting on the dock the other evening, admiring this sky and waiting for the full moon to rise and…

Amazing clouds

…it occurred to me that I have been thinking and dreaming about moving for many years. It’s so wonderful to be able to really feel like we’re home. ;-D

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