Beautiful Beaufort

That’s the tagline for Beaufort South Carolina. It’s a hint for those of us from the North who look at the spelling and say “Bow fort”. As it turns out, it’s “Bu fort” and difficult to remember at first, hence the beautiful reminder. Anyway, Peter and I went there for a long weekend getaway. It’s been an exciting but stressful year and we needed a break. If you read all those “Best of…” lists, which I often do, you’ll remember that Beaufort is this year’s ” happiest seaside town” . Though it isn’t on the sea. And this is the closest we go to the sea….

Low tide

Beaufort is a classic Southern town, with huge trees, stately mansions and drippy Spanish moss. This home is now an incredible B&B. I had hoped we could stay downtown, but Parris Island is nearby and they had a big graduation on Friday, so all the fun places were booked.

Cuthbert House Inn

Here is another lovely home, to give you a feel for the downtown residential area. I just love the turret!

Beautiful Beaufort home

We wandered around many of the streets admiring the architecture. I was wondering what the homes were made of when we came across this. Look closely at the picture and you will see that there are oyster shells imbedded in the cement. The sign said that this building material is called “tabby” and is very specific to the Southern coastal areas between Charleston and Northern Florida.

Tabby cement 1760

Beaufort has lots of fun stores and many good restaurants. The weather was very warm on Saturday and while Peter explored on his bike, I checked out many of the shops. I found this great hooked rug in an antique store. I peeked at the price tag to see what they were asking and noticed, with dismay, that they had labeled it a woven rug. When the woman came over to inquire if I needed help, I explained to her what hooking was, and she immediately changed the tag. She said she’d had her antiques specialist come in and he said it was woven and 18th century. I guess textiles must not be his thing as I am pretty sure it was hooked in the last decade or so; it had a modern feel to me.

Mermaid hooked rug

This is a view from the downtown park area. They have big swings for visitors to sit and enjoy the view and the backs of the restaurants have outdoor seating areas. Saturday night was balmy and we enjoyed swinging as we admired the almost-full-moon over the water. It was a very nice getaway!

Beaufort park

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Beaufort

  1. I thought I might give you some info on the hooked rug. When I saw it I immediately knew that I had seen it before. I’ve been hooking rugs for over 35 years and have been teaching for almost 20. The hooked rug you saw is a pattern available from It was designed by Joan Moshimer probably in the 1960’s or 70’s. As to who hooked it? Your guess is as good as mine.


    • Good to know. I am pretty familiar with Joan Moshimer’s designs, but did not recognize this one. And as I said,the hooking style seemed fairly “modern” to me. The hooker used a variety of darks in the background and it was a pretty wide cut. Thanks so much for your input!


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