Happy Thanksgiving Preparations

The snow is swirling around the house and over the lake (really!), and I’ve been baking and collecting what I need  to drive to Summerville tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family. The cats got terrifically sick last week after I brought them home from the new boarding place and are just starting to eat normally. We don’t feel like we can subject them to another experience away from home for a while, so Peter has kindly offered to stay with them. I’m not happy about it, but I haven’t seen my brother (the big birthday boy) for a very long time.

First thing out of the oven late this morning was white bread. We had to test it to make sure it would be okay to eat for turkey sandwiches….yummy!

For turkey sandwiches

We’re not big fans of pumpkin pie, unless it’s slathered with whipped cream. What we crave on Thanksgiving is Crumb Pie, a dry version of Shoo Fly Pie. Not Pennsylvania Dutch wet bottom pie, but a version my Quaker grandfather who was born in Lancaster County grew up eating. It’s really more of a cake and so yummy! The main ingredient is lard and in every other place we’ve lived, it comes in a pound block like butter. Not in South Carolina! The smallest size is 2.5 pounds and there is what looks to be a gallon tub too. I do use it to make my Grandmother’s cinnamon buns and in pie crusts as well, but I don’t think I will use it up anytime soon…

Crumb pie

I hope you all have a lovely and delicious Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving bouquet

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