Another Happy Birthday…

… to my favorite cousin! She is celebrating a very big birthday today, but of course when you get to my age, it seems like everyone is having big birthdays. I made her a photo book and thought you’d enjoy some very old pictures. My grandparents had three girls. M and I were the youngest of the second and third daughters and lived a stone’s throw from each other. We spent lots of time together.

Here we are at the smallest kids’ table at my grandparents farmhouse for some Spring birthday or other. I’m on the left.

Kids dinner

I thought this picture would tickle you. For many Christmases when we were young, we visited our grandparents at their winter home in Florida and in those days, traveling was a dressy affair. Check out these outfits! I would also like to explain that since we were the youngest, we got hand me downs from the older cousins….

Train trip

When in Florida, one of our favorite things to do was be driven in Poppie’s golf cart. Here we are with my uncle, M’s father.

Uncle Eddie drives

I went to summer “sleep away” camp for many years. My cousin did not, but my parents invited her for a visiting day one year. I was terrifically excited and I remember making her a name tag out of macaroni in the craft shack.

Camp visit

We did, and do have happy times together. Here’s to many, many more years of fun!

Hugging cousins

{we are the youngest and the best!}

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