Merry Christmas from the 50’s

50's Christmas

This is how Christmas looked in the late 1950’s. Pictured are my cousin, my sister and my mother. I am the one wearing the red shoes with ankle straps!!!! Though I don’t remember them, I am sure I adored them. In the old days, all kids wore “sensible shoes” like Buster Browns or saddle shoes. They had to tie and have good arch support. Sneakers were only for summer and sports and Mary Janes only for dress-up!

This was a Florida Christmas, hence the orange bag stocking.

And here is the very 50’s thing in the picture – – – my mother and my sister and I are wearing matching dresses! We often had them for holidays and my mother often sewed them.

Not pictured are the menfolk, wearing string ties which my mother made! {really!}  They were very elegant and sewn with sequins and beads. I am going to have to carefully search the photos to see if I can find anyone wearing one. My father quite liked wearing his as he never liked tied ties.

Hope you all have a memorable Christmas………….

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the 50’s

  1. Loved your walk through the past – matching dresses and string ties (hope you can find a photo) and those wonderful red shoes! Merry Christmas to you Debbie – we miss you here in Chicagoland.


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