January Projects: Primarily Painting

I have been enjoying everyone’s year end posts, with photos and lists of all the wonderful projects they’ve completed. If you follow along here you know that I was not in “fiber mode” last year and completed nothing. But, as always, I’m excited that it’s January and here are some of the things I want to accomplish!

The studio unpacking and organizing has been at a standstill since the beginning of December! Earlier in the Fall I “allowed” myself to sit down at the sewing machine and do something and the half square triangle project was in the box by the machine. I tacked up the squares on the design-wall-to-be as I sewed them. It’s going to be a fun quilt, but it is supposed to be a leader-ender project, so I put it away again.

Half Square Triangle Bit

And here is the painting part of the post and the theme of the month! We are working on reorganizing Peter’s office closet and our master bedroom closet, so lots of patching and priming and painting is happening. I really want to get a design wall hung and I have learned from many moves that once the design board goes up, it doesn’t come off until we move! The walls are not a bad color, but it’s a dark latte or paper bag color and not neutral (or girly) enough for me. This room has not been painted since the house was built in 1999 (!) and I am looking forward to covering up all marks of the previous two owners.

Design Wall-To-Be

I very stupidly decided to paint the primer coat at the beginning of December. Then more important and fun things needed doing, so here this is what it looks like… Isn’t it interesting to see just how dark the latte color (over the doorways) is?

Primed wall

I got to a paint store yesterday and bought some samples. These really are different. ;-D The top one is a warmer pink and the bottom a cooler one.

Paint samples

The deadline for entering quilts in my guild’s March show is in a month, so I need to get the design wall done so that I can get working on some machine quilting. And I want to get back to being me again too!

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