Cozy Evening Projects

My evening projects of late have been planned to keep me warm. Though South Carolina is not experiencing the frigid temperatures of the Midwest (it was never that cold when we lived in Illinois!) the house is definitely cold at night. Not sure if it’s all the windows or the kind of heat that a heat pump puts out, but I always add another layer when the sun sets. Last night I started to crochet the edge on a fleece for a new-ish baby we found out about in a Christmas card. This little throw and a gift card will make a nice present for a new family.

Baby fleece

And I am continuing to quilt the Livingroom Rug quilt. The batting is a very low loft for ease in hand quilting and I’m not sure you can see anything…. I’m hopeful that when I wash it, the quilting will show more.

Progress on hand quilting

And I’ve unearthed the Vermont Shells hooked rug – we need rugs in this house full of wood floors! Something looks funny, doesn’t it? In the blue area…

No outlines

I did pretty well at remembering everything that I wanted to work on while we lived in the motel last Summer. I brought all the wool I needed for the rug – except – the brown which outlines all the shells. I debated what to do about it and finally decided to use another color to outline and then pull it out when I could find the brown wool again. I really wanted to get a lot done on the rug and decided that re-hooking a few rows wouldn’t take that long. I find it interesting to see just how important that outline is to the design.

During the day, the patching and painting continues.

3 thoughts on “Cozy Evening Projects

  1. Your rug is really coming along! I remember when it was just the purple. I like the quilt, too. You missed the weather this week. Monday it was -18 as I pulled in the parking lot at work. Brutal. When it reached 0, it felt warm.


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