Jumping in!!!

I need to get quilting. The stars quilt, that I drafted and started at the workshop with Gail Garber two years ago {good grief!} has been patiently waiting to be completed. I’ve had it hung over the bannister so I could see it from the great room and ponder how to quilt it. I love the backing fabric with the light of the window behind showing the stars.

Light through quilt

Enough procrastinating! I’ve gotten Big (Ber)Nina oiled and have been doing some practise quilting to loosen up and remember how the machine works. Entires for the guild show are due the beginning of February, so I need to get going or not enter this quilt.

Just do it!

I just have to begin, jump right in and for me it’s easiest to start with straight stitching, so I am working on one of the biggest stars.

Right on cue at noon, Gizmo arrives to remind me of the time. Won’t let me touch him; ignoring me completely, but the message is clear…Isn’t it lunchtime? Do you realize that Jasmine and I haven’t eaten for hours?

Gizmo's hungry

And then, as I try to ignore him and quilt a little longer, Gizmo starts to groom himself. He’s planted himself right behind the machine and the quilt won’t move and he won’t either.

Gizmo grooming

So okay, I’ll stop for the moment. I have gotten a good bit done but now I have to decide how to meander and fill in the background, which is not my strong suit. Maybe a lunch break is a good idea….

Making progress

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