Happy Birthday Macintosh!

Today, January 24th, marks the 30th birthday of the iconic Macintosh computer, and that wild 1984 ad in the Superbowl that year.

In a fascinating video that has surfaced, a young Steve Jobs launches the Macintosh by pulling it out of a box, plugging it in and it started working, which was very revolutionary in those days. He remarks that:

  • people might bring it home for the weekend
  • one’s kids might play on it
  • and – people might buy a second one!

Doesn’t that sound funny now that computers are such an integral part of our lives?

Apple computer

Peter and I were in a froth to buy one and were so jealous when our friend Peter got one first. And then Jimmy did. We couldn’t afford it for some time. I really can’t remember how many wonderful computers we’ve bought from Apple, but I can say that I could not live without my gadgets and gizmos from them.

O happy day!

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