My Summer Garden Quilt

This is the working title for the quilt I’m making for the guild challenge. I need to take it to the meeting the first week of March, so I decided I had better get back to it.

The seed packages themselves are like tiny quilts and working on them is fun, but I have been mulling over what to attach them to. The design idea in my head is that the packets are scattered on some kind of surface and I’ve been deciding where to plant them in the garden. I’d like to attach a pencil and perhaps a “real” piece of graph paper with a garden design drawn on it. This quilt is being transported to and from the meeting and the show by me, so I don’t have to worry about shipping it and having the paper crunch or the pencil fall off.

I’ve spent the morning auditioning fabric for the background. Here is one idea for a “tablecloth”. This is a piece of fabric from my stash.

Tablecloth idea

Here is a napkin that looks like a tablecloth because of the border design. I would un-hem it, of course, because it must be quilted.

Another tablecloth

And here is a real placemat, with the correct dimensions. (The quilt has to be larger than 12″.) It’s nice, but it was made in India and is printed on a sort of canvas. Because of the stiffness, this would be nasty to quilt!

Placemat idea

When I’m designing a quilt, the elements that I need to work out seem to run in the back of my head in a subliminal sort of way while I’m doing other things and often a great idea pops up at an unexpected time. Taking pictures and looking at them on the computer screen helps me see the design in a different way as well. And it’s always nice to have fresh eyes looking as well…

Any thoughts???

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