A Quilting Work-Around

I am still having problems quilting my big quilt for the show. In frustration, I decided to quit fighting with my machine and to make some more seed packets for my Summer Garden challenge quilt. As I was fusing and cutting, I was mulling over how to quilt this piece. The last thing I want to do is free motion quilting; for some reason when I quilt straight lines I don’t have issues. And then it came to me! Although this piece has to be quilted, it certainly doesn’t have to be strong or practical in any way. The solution to my problem is what computer people call a work-around. When one path doesn’t work, try another (and all my previous design ideas go out the window!).  So, my design work-around is to quilt the background fabric as though it is a yellow legal pad! I can easily stitch straight lines and then attach the seed packets by sewing or gluing them on. I found a small yellow pad in Peter’s office to look at the paper and line colors and then dug through the fabric stash to find a good yellow.

A good yellow

And just like that – it’s done!!!

A legal pad!

When I was thinking of the tablecloth idea for a backing, I planned to sew the packets on the fabric, but now I will fuse another piece of fabric on the back of the seed packets to give them strength and so they will have a more 3D look. They can certainly hang off of the “pad” once I get the binding on. I am pleased and relieved. This little challenge quilt is supposed to be a fun project, after all.

The “paper” is going to have a list of the seeds and plants I want to use this year (keeping with the words requirement of the challenge) so you can see that I have written up some ideas. I am a bit nervous about writing on my little quilt and making a mistake, but it is supposed to look like I’m actually making notes. The guild meeting is a week from today, so I need to keep moving on this!

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