Summer Garden Quilt Completed

I spent Monday finishing up the seed packets. I pulled out all my alphabet stamps and stamp pads and fused and cut fabrics. It was fun. I looked at an online seed catalog now and then for interesting titles or descriptors. I wanted the packets to be fairly realistic.

Making seed packets

Then I wrote my “planning list” on the yellow legal pad. It actually was quite easy since the fabric had been quilted; it didn’t shift as it would have had it just been the fabric. And then I sprinkled the seed packets on the sheet. As I mentioned, the packets are two layers of fused fabric so they are stiff enough to hang off of the edge. Tiny stitches tied on the back of the quilt hold them in place.

Planing a Summer Garden

I am pleased with the results! In the voting last night at the guild meeting, I did not win a prize, but I did like mine the best. ;-D  And isn’t that all that matters?

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