Lovely Log Cabin Quilts

Many, many years ago, before I was a quilter, I decided to make a log cabin quilt… hand! I was engaged to Peter and we were driving down to Florida over Spring Vacation to see my grandmother and to go to Disney World. It would be a long road trip so I thought that some hand stitching would be fun. In those dark ages, there wasn’t “quilting” fabric, but I did find some reds and whites and blacks I liked. And I began sewing. Shoot me now – – – it was SO boring to sew endless straight lines! I completed a few blocks and kept them for years and years, but never completed that quilt. (I love hand sewing, but these days log cabin is not on the approved list…)

Fast forward to “the machine age”- nowadays I love making log cabin quilts. It’s fun to play with the lights and darks and it’s a great mindless project for times of high stress. I made two of them the Summer we had our Colorado house on the market. It didn’t sell and didn’t sell, Peter was gone a great deal, the realtor was driving me bonkers, and I sewed and sewed and sewed! You’ve seen my favorite of the two – called “Seeing Red – the House Won’t Sell” – beautifully machine quilted by my friend Beth.

Seeing red

Long story, which I won’t go into, but I made a king sized log cabin for my dear niece. I won’t ever do that again; it was way too big. I didn’t want to make it but my niece has a way of making me say “sure” when I’m thinking “no way!”. Again it was quilted by the wonderful Beth.

Kim's quilt

I haven’t done much piecing since we moved and last week I began to collect fabrics for a new project when I came to my senses. I did throw out some of my UFO’s when we moved, but there are plenty left! I don’t recall when I started this log cabin for one of the guest beds and since we have a lot of house and garden projects going on, a mindless project is good. The colorway is my favorite of light and bright candy colors. I had forgotten, but last Winter when I was folding (and tossing) fabrics in the studio to get the house ready to sell, I cut a lot of strips for this quilt. What a treat to have a stack ready to sew.

Zig Zag log cabin pattern

The log cabin pattern variation (I think) I am doing is a zig zag, which will be so fun and graphic to see as you walk into the room. (It will look like the border on my niece’s quilt.) The design idea began with a trip to Paducah. Besides being the home of the amazing quilt show, they have great fabric stores. I spied this flowered fabric which seemed perfect for log cabin middles. (Wait till you see the fabric for the back of it!) I drafted it on EQ7, to figure out what size strips and squares to make and to be sure the design would fit nicely on the twin bed. Interestingly enough, all the squares are pieced in the same way for this quilt; like half square triangles, the pattern depends on how you rotate the square. So I’ve oiled up and dusted off my Pfaff and am happily sewing away.

Estrella by Vallori Wells

Outside my studio window, the birds are singing and the daffodils are blooming! Bradford Pear trees and plums (?) are popping out daily. I have been wandering around the yard to see what may be coming up. A SC Master Gardener was the first owner of this place and everyone tells us that it’s gorgeous in the Spring. ;-D

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