Stitchin’ in the South Quilt Show

I have joined a local quilt guild, the Foothills Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild, in order to meet “others of my kind” and we had a show this last weekend. Peter and  I went on Saturday afternoon to see the show and to help take it down. It was a good one, and it was fun to see quilts – – – it’s been some time since I attended a show.

The best in show quilt took my vote as well! “Blooming Botanicals” was hand appliquéd by Kristin Kipper, the president, and quilted by Barbara Phillips. The colors are lovely and there are so many of them. The background color is so unusual and it’s not a solid fabric as it appears from a distance, but a tiny, vine sort of print. The pattern is from Piece O’Cake Designs.

Kristin Kipper

Another impressive hand appliquéd quilt was made by Joanna Yost. It is called “Long Hot Summer” and was hand quilted by Kathy Rivenbark. It really was a masterpiece!

Joanna Yost

This modern inspired quilt by Carol Alperin was beautifully quilted. Not too much, not too little, and one design flowed nicely to the next. She calls it “Modern Poppies”, a quilt made to celebrate her California heritage. There wasn’t much information on the tag, so I cannot say if this is an original design.

Carol Alperin

I am assuming that this pattern is a log cabin, but it is sewn around a triangular center rather than a square one. It’s called “For Display Only” and was made by Sandy Wolf. There’s no more information on the tag to tell you, but I do like the many colors that she skillfully put together.

Sandy Wolf

This machine quilted masterpiece is by Johellen George and it’s done on a piece of silk from her Aunt Bess. It is a pale, pale blue, difficult to photograph in the glaring lights of the church hall! It’s entitled “Remembering Aunt Bess”. Maybe I will be able to machine quilt like this some day…

Johellen George

There were quite a few nice entires in the miniature quilt section. This one is called “Warp and Weft I” by Brenda Wall. She said that she had a package of 2.5″ squares of Oakshott cotton and decided to use them in this tiny quilt. I really like all the straight line quilting. It felt very Japanese, to me.

Brenda Wall

“Point Taken” was made by Sandy Wolf. She used Civil War fabrics ro make this small beauty. Doing tiny piecing can be difficult, but all her points were pointy!

Sandy Wolf

I enjoyed the show! It is put on every other year which I think is a good idea. The guild numbers somewhere around 100 and it gives us all time to make great quilts. My machine quilted quilt did not make this year’s show. More about that sad story later….

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