The Studio Re – Re-Do!

Several months ago I opted to paint only a few areas of the studio, which was silly. At that point I just wanted to get the design wall up and didn’t want to deal with the mess and chaos. I had a neighborhood ladies meeting this week and Peter kindly offered to help me finish it up. (I thought it would be fun to show off my work areas.) It’s funny; I didn’t really see the latte colored walls anymore, but it certainly was time to finish it up so that I can really settle in.  What a mess!

Studio mess

Here you can see the two colored walls I’ve been living with.

Office area

We planned for the painting to be completed over one weekend – ha – of course that didn’t happen. Peter has been traveling an enormous amount and there have been other (more fun) things to do each weekend. But the painting is complete and the studio is entirely pink now and feels cool and girly! There is still a bulletin board to be hung on the big wall behind my desk. Is it because I was a Second Grade teacher? I cannot seem to have enough bulletin boards. And there’s a magazine track on the stairs to be put up as well.

Pink & girly

It really looks wonderful. And so tidy since I have not started sewing again….

Partially organized

More as I get organized!

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