A Look at the Gardens

If you are a regular reader, you’ve noticed that A Daily Dose has been lacking the Fiber element… Since the beginning of May, I have been working in the yard. Our property has so many gardens, which have “great bones” but are overgrown and in sore need of some TLC. I’ve been concentrating on the gardens in front of the house and in the back, by the pool. The previous owners were not gardeners and let the gardens at the front of the house get very overgrown with bushes, the neighbors tell us, and last year had them all pulled out. I am delighted with that blank slate, as they only put in a few gardenia bushes and some sad flowers. I would like these beds to be a mixed border of small flowering bushes and lots of perennials and annuals. Two of Peter’s tree roses are there and are blooming again. I have planted a mix of perennials and some annuals that I grew from seeds and am looking forward to seeing them flower. And hoping they all live…..it’s been in the mid 90’s and many of them are very droopy in the afternoon sun.

Front gardens June

There is a narrow-ish garden along the fence around the pool. That was jammed with uninspiring day lilies and the very invasive Black Eyed Susan and wild violets. I have yanked many of those out. I have a few herbs at the one end and then have filled in many spaces with annuals and perennials. I have everything tidied up and mulched, but then I hope it all becomes a great tangle of blooming plants when the annuals get going. Peter has added several roses , one of which will climb along the fence and they are coming along as well.

Pool garden

We have not had a vegetable garden since before we moved to Asia, which was 1993, so we are very excited. Another blank slate! This raised bed is 4′ x 10′ by about 8″. Though it’s small, we can fit in a good many veggies. (And I have tucked vegetable plants in the beds around the property as well.) One of the very cool features of the raised bed corners that I bought is that there is a spigot in the back left corner. Now that things are growing. Peter and I plan to place a drip hose around the plants and all I have to do is attach a hose to the corner. When we are away, we can use a timer to keep the veggies watered.

Raised bed

And here it is today! Everything is growing fairly well but we are still playing with the soil and amendments as I don’t think the plants are thriving. We’ve had a few yellow squashes and cukes and Japanese eggplant and many tomatoes are green and growing. I am looking froward to having too many juicy, ripe tomatoes this Summer!

June veggies


We have two baby tomato plants in pots out back; one red, one yellow. I can’t wait for these guys to ripen!

Yellow babies

Tomorrow – back in the studio… It’s the best place to be in this heat.

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