What’s in Bloom Wednesday

Strawberry Ice Dahlia

Strawberry Ice Dahlia

I bought several dahlia tubers early in the Spring at one of the big box stores and started them in pots. This is the real beauty of the bunch. Not quite dinner plate size, but definitely in the salad plate range. The coloring is so subtle.

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer Lilies

I am assuming that these are Stargazers; we didn’t plant this one. The plant is huge with many blooms to come!


Trailing Nasturtiums

The lowly nasturtium is a favorite of mine. These are in pots and struggling a bit because of the heat and sun, but there are fresh blooms daily.

There is a lot blooming this week! Some of the zinnias are about to pop and I am anxious to see what colors I have. Peter’s tree roses are full with the second round of blooms. This is Crescendo and he has already cut at least half of the flowers off!

Crescendo tree rose

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