A Little Getaway to California!

{I have been trying to get this post up for more than a week. The trip home from our little vacation took about two days because of a weather delay and since we got home, our Internet connection has been dreadful! It reminds me of the old dial-up days…everything is soooo slow and loading pictures has been out of the question. It’s better today so I’m hoping to get this done!}

Peter had work in Southern California and I decided that I should head out there as well. July 13th was our 40th anniversary and I thought a little getaway would be fun!

Chocolate cake!

We took a few selfies to commemorate the day…

40 years!

I haven’t been to California in ages and I collected a variety of pictures to share with you. We stayed in the Long Beach area and walked around admiring the buildings. I am particularly fond of Art Deco. This building has been beautifully preserved.

Long BEah

We did a bit of driving up and down the coast and this is Santa Monica Pier. I’d never been there and it was a lovely day. Many, many other people thought so as well! This beach is huge and there are areas for volleyball, gymnastics, meditation (with yogi and all!) and tightropes! People were fishing and eating and riding the rides and playing skee ball. Oh – and sunning and swimming too!

Santa Monica Beach

Various plants were blooming. This palm caught my eye – don’t these flowers look like a string of pearls?

Blooming palm

And this succulent bloom is so pretty. Many restaurants and stores in the Seal Beach area had succulents in their window boxes and they made for such an unusual display.

Blooming succulent

This little red Sunbeam made me smile. There are always great cars driving around California to see and be seen in the beach areas.

Red Sunbeam

Saturday night was the big full moon. We had dinner out on Long Beach pier and waited for it to appear. To the right of this area is where the Queen Mary is moored. The cruise ships dock nearby and it’s fun to see them as well.

Monster full moon

{It was a good trip but this is getting silly so I’m going to end this! Another day has passed…. I was kicked off the Internet every time I tried to work on this. yesterday }

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