What’s in Bloom Wednesday

Salmon Star Lily

Salmon Star Lily

I saw this lily in a catalog and I had to buy it. Isn’t it a beauty? I just love these oranges and salmons and it has a very nice scent when brought indoors out of the heat.

Smelly peach daylily

Peach Daylily

The previous owners planted this daylily, whose name I do not know. It has been blooming for quite some time now. It has such fat buds and very ruffly flowers. It smells too!

Brown Sunflower

Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower

{sigh} I bought a packet of these and planted them all over the yard. Perhaps 6 came up. Someone ate 4 of them. Out of 1.2 grams, I have two plants blooming… They are very pretty though!



The first bloom amidst the tomato plants. We are about to have too many tomatoes, I think. Yippee!

3 pound cucumber!

3 Pound Cucumber!

Really??? I check the veggies once if not twice a day. How do these guys hide so effectively? I did try this one and it tasted unbearably bitter! Out to the compost pile it went…

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